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"Being burned badly in the past I researched SFI very carefully. I scrutinized it pretty thoroughly, looking for anything that would give me license to call it "just another scheme." What I found was the most well-put-together affiliate program I have ever seen. No program is perfect, but this one's darn close."

B. Barner

"I would like to say of all the online businesses I have checked out, this one is the best. My fiancée was very skeptical until he saw my earnings. I also was a little l but I'm glad I followed through. You don't have to be a computer expert to advertise, you just have to dedicate some of your time which I did and now my fiancé wants in on the program! The best part is that sign-up is free -- that's all unless you want to take it a step further and get a bigger check every month. If it works for me, it'll work for you. Great for stay-at-home moms or people like me who are disabled and unable to work 9-5. I give SFI a AAA++"

Florida, USA

"I have tried Amway on two different occasions. The best I did was to sponsor one couple, my best friend and his wife. Since Amway didn't work for me I knew that one day I would try something else and along came SFI. I was told that if I followed the plan that within 2 years of dedication and learning that I would be on my way to freedom. Well, the first month I didn't do anything. Since then there hasn't been a day that I haven't learned something new. Whether it be something on SFI's Website, a new way to market my business, or a new tool to play with.  Also, in the 3 months since I started actually working at putting myself on the map, I have sponsored 79 new affiliates and movedm yself up a level to Powerline Team Leader. Now if I can do thatin  just 3 months, there is no telling what I will be able to expect in 2 years! Bottom line: If you follow the plan you to can make your dreams a reality."

California, USA

"I have spent time (a lot!!!) reading thru all of SFI's info, and so much more to read, BUT...what I have found is quite amazing!!! You get SOOO much as an affiliate --which is FREE-- info, training, text, game plan. WOW!!! I know that I will do GREAT with this company just by following the game plan of the successful folks ahead of me!! Built in Auto-Responder??? I was paying $34.95 monthly with another company (for a different business) and not getting near the information or the help. Affiliates join SFI and the messages go out without any effort on my part!! There is so much I could say here, but I want to get busy and place some FREE ads on sites that you told me about in the "message board" area. INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you Gery Carson & SFI!!!!! I am positive that I will reach my income goals, and exceed them thru SFI!!!!"


"I recently started taking the Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition Multivitamin. I was previously taking a competitor's liquid supplement and thought that I was feeling the best that I could. Boy, was I wrong. Within less than an hour after taking the Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition product, I was feeling more energetic. And each day that I take it, I am aware of an increased level of alertness and energy!!!Thanks for bringing this incredible product to the market."

Nebraska, USA

"I just cleaned my bathroom. My mirror is streakless, my toilet bowl is ringless, the shower stall is water-spot free and glistening, and the floor is clean enough to eat off of, almost. And I did it all with Veriuni cleaning products. Normally I don't get too excited about cleaning products, actually I don't get excited about them at all. And I don't usually give testimonials but I had to tell you that the window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, basin tub and tile, and all purpose cleaners work just as they are described. They are better than any commercial cleaner I have ever used, and I have tried most of them."

Washington, USA

"SFI IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD! I've been working with SFI since May 2001, but have been working hard at it since July 2001. I'm planning on referring as many people and organizations in Portugal as I can. Thank you, SFI."


"I got my check two days ago. My joy knew no bounds. When I
started SFI, people were laughing at me. Many Nigerians were
skeptical about it. But today, I know that SFI is for real.


"I have yet to see such a well organized site...you seem to have thought of everything...It makes joining your network a pleasure...thank you."

Vincent Leuzy
Quebec, Canada

I can't believe the system is so easy to use and learn. I feel sorry for the people that are missing out.

B. Lovrinovic 

"I've been in network marketing for a very long time and thought I had seen it all. SFI is the most incredible and absolutely best system I have ever seen to become financially free while helping other people do the same"

M. Drummer

This is NOT A SPRINT!! This is NOT get rich quick! Yes, you can build a substantial income through the SFI system (SFI already have members earning over $10,000 a month!), but it WILL take effort.

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