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Link Trading, Link Exchange, sometimes called reciprocal linking is a web promotion strategy used by webmasters and site owners to increase qualified traffic to their sites. The idea behind these  is that you add some pages to your site which contain links to other sites which and in exchange, the other webmaster also add pages to their sites which will contain a link to your site.

What does link exchange do for webmaster?

It generates real, qualified unique visitors to your site. A visitor will see your Title and Description from Our Link Exchange Page, and if interested click on it to come to your site. Easy traffic.

Website linking increases your link popularity in some major search engines. Better link popularity helps your listing in these search engines to be listed higher in the list of search results, which then increases the amount of traffic you get from those search engines. Cross linking from other domain name will increase website visibility.

A link from a site which is related to yours is more valuable than a link
from an unrelated site.

A link to your page from another page that includes your Keyword in the Title or Heading tag will improve your link popularity  more than a page without the Keyword in the Title or headings.

 Our link exchange pages may significantly affect your position  in Search engine with this additional score points;

1/Real Domain name. Not in Sub-Domain name or Sub-Directory.
2/Linking include keyword or title. (Increase ranking)
3/Optimized with Search Engines. (Webposition gold software)
4/Your Own Titles and Descriptions
5/One click from the our Home Page. (spider friendly)

Why Our Link Exchange Page is input manually the old fashioned way?

We would love to spend surfing the web looking for sites that would make good potential link trade partners. Send them an email to request a link trade. If the site owner agree, then we manually add a link to Our Exchange Link Page. In turn add our link in their site. If you just came across to this site and like to exchange  link. Exchange link with us here.


Link farms are those services that generically link to your site if you agree to link to everyone else's site that participates in the link exchange service. Theoretically, more the members of that service, more your link popularity. However, be careful of joining "link farm" services designed to artificially inflate your link popularity. Some Search engines are now said to be blacklisting link farm sites and may ban sites that participate in such programs.

1-Most of these services require that you add a visible graphical or text link from your home page to the pages containing the links. If they require a graphical link, it can completely destroy the general look and feel of your site

2-The pages that you are required to upload to your site are exactly the same as the pages which all the other members of that service are required to upload to their servers. Even the file names of the pages tend to be the same for all the members. Most search engines are now able to detect such duplicate pages in different domains and may either ignore the pages or may even penalize all these domains for spamming.

3-Instead of linking only related sites with each other, most of these services link all the members with each other. This means that lots of unrelated sites will be linking to your site. Links from unrelated sites are simply not as valuable as links from related sites.


Web page ranking in search engine is influenced by the link "popularity" of your site. This is determined by how many OTHER Web sites link to your own. Today this  is an increasingly important factor as far as search engine placement is concerned.

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